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Boston Jane Lilley - No CCs No Classes No Classes    
Crufts Maria Foulston Bev White Sara Robertson Alan Clarke Glenville Francis
British Collie Anthony  Foulston Peter Fricker John Geddes Michelle Fort Anne Smith
Scottish Breeds Granville Francis Mike Vincent Roy Baker Ros Makepeace  
Manchester Steve Hall Delia Moores Fran Kaye Robin Searle  
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Hughe Jones Anne Hassock Peter Bailey Sandra Wigglesworth  
Work & Past Breeds of Wales Mr T Johnson - No CCs Darren Clarke - No CCs Patsy Hollings- No CCs - No CCs  
WELKS Derek Smith Albert Wight Carole Smedley    
Birmingham National Vic Salt Celia Vines Nick Smith Simon Burton  
West of England Collie Penny Sewell Judith Gregory - No CCs Fay Hutchings - No CCs  
Collie Club of Wales Nigel Price - No CCs Wendy Musty - No CCs Lena Newman - No CCs - No CCs  
Three Counties Sue Hewart-Chambers - No CCs Bill Browne Cole - No CCs Sue Bird - No CCs

- No CCs

Scottish Kennel Club Andrew Brace Zena Thorn Andrews Ruth Gibson    
Blackpool Hans Van De Berg - No CCs John Ritchie - No CCs Sigurd Wilberg - No CCs - No CCs  
Bath Mrs A Yuhasz (USA)-No CCs Robin Searle - No CCs Karen Kennedy - No CCs Tony Foulston  
London Collie Fran Kaye Eleanor Kitchen Gwen Beaden Pat Lister  
East of England Simon Burton - No CCs Sue Bird - No CCs Michael Vines - No CCs  
Windsor Cathy Howard - No CCs Peter Jolley-No CC's Frank Kane - No CC's Keith Starkey  
Bournemouth Ben Reynold Frost Anne Hollywood Jeff Luscott Celia Vines  
City of Birmingham Trevor Hayward Sue Hewart Chambers Jill Peak Robin Newhouse  
East Anglian Collie Ch Show (Aug) Brian Hull - No CCs Angela Hodgson - No CCs Natalja Skalin - No CCs - No CCs  
Paignton Karen Kennedy - No CCs Mrs K Kingsley - No CCs Derek Allsopp - No CCs - No CCs  
Nat Work & Past Breeds Tony Foster Steve Barrett Derek Smith Miranda Blake  
Darlington Christine Chapman - No CCs Michelle Fort - No CCs Bill Rogerson - No CCs Diane Spavin  
Leeds Debbie Wallis Robin Newhouse Jan Starkey    
Smooth Collie Club of GB Geoff Hyde Stuart Mallard Valerie Geddes    
Welsh Kennel Club Jeff Horswell Derek Rigby Kevin Young    
South Wales KA Amy Kinsey - No CCs Mark Hales - No CCs Terrie Cousins-Brown - No CCs - No CCs  
London & Provincial Marion Sargent - No CCs Isobel Griffiths Darren Clarke - No CCs - No CCs  
Collie Association Sheila Beeney - No CCs Jan Milligan - No CC's Judith Gregory - No CCs - No CCs  
Ladies Kennel Association Brian House Granville Francis Brian Hawkins Anne Hassock