West of England Collie Championship Show 2016


Judge : Penny Sewell




BEST OF BREED  NORMAN Easy Listening at Seanua

DOG CC   NORMAN Easy Listening at Seanua
NORMAN Seanua Signature
Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin)
THEOBALD Seanus Softly Sofly


BEST VETERAN NORMAN Easy Listening at Seanua


Veteran Dog (2,0)

 1st NORMAN Easy Listening at Seanua

 2nd GRIFFITHS Alopex Matt Finnish


Puppy Dog

No Entries


Junior Dog (2,0)

1st NORMAN Seanua Signature

2nd EKE Foxearth Flag Day


Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

1st GIDDINGS Legend of Camelot's Confusion at Ryecombe (Imp)


Limit Dog (3,2)

1st COLE Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn


Open Dog (1,1)



Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st GIDDINGS All that Jazz at Rycombe


Puppy Bitch

No Entries


Junior Bitch (1,0)

1st THEOBALD Seanus Softly Sofly


Post Graduate Bitch (4,0)

1st SWEENEY Plaisance Blue Belle

2nd COATES Seanua Scotch Mist

3rd BROWN Blamorder Back in Town

Res FORBES Natalian Kilkenny at Willowhurst (Imp Rus)


Limit Bitch (3,0)

1st PEACOCK Blamorder Back To the Start for Saraneth

2nd BEENEY Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark

3rd FORBES Willowhurst Vanity


Open Bitch (4,1)

1st HAYWARD Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin)

2nd GRIFFITHS Alopex Little Summer

3rd COATES Alopex Blue Moon

Many thanks to the committee of WECS for this my 3rd invitation to judge for them and as always a friendly and well run show. Also to the exhibitors for their entries. Whatever entry you have, today although numerically low, on the day you can only judge what is in front of you. But I was more than happy with both my CC winners. VD (2) 1 Norman & Ratcliffe's Easy Listening at Seanua. Although now a veteran this upstanding S/W still retains a good clean head, nice wedge, flat skull correctly set and used ears. Good dark almond shaped eye giving him a lovely soft expression. He has a good outline, reach of neck and length of back with correct angulation. He was shown in excellent condition with nice tight jacket and his movement was sound and steady. He is sired by one of the top winning lovely S/W litter born at Foxearth in 2001 and still carries forward their quality. Today he stood out as an obvious winner for his well deserved 3rd CC and BOB. Congratulations.2 Griffiths' Alopex Matt Finnish. This nearly 10yrs Tri is another who still retains a good head pattern with no coarseness, nice eye, lovely expression with well set ears. He is nicely balanced with good construction. A steady mover but today not quite with his usual drive. JD (2) 1 Norman's Seanua Signature. S/W of 16mnths. Eye catching young dog with such a happy temperament, of a good size, lovely neck and depth of chest and overall body shape being well put together. His head handles well, nice wedge underjaw and really dark expressive eyes, good ears which he used to advantage. He has a nice coat, bone and shown in good condition. Moved well and thought today he was good enough to award him the RCC behind his grandsire. 2 Eke's Foxearth Flag Day. Much smaller tri of 14mnths who has now lost body condition and carries a very open coat. He has a nice head pattern, good skull, eye and well set ears using them well. He is well constructed but lacks forechest and needs to mature overall. Moved OK. PGD (2,1) 1 Giddings' Legend of Camelot's Confusion at Ryecombe (Imp). Up to size B/M, slightly stronger in head but still in proportion, he has a lovely eye and expression, good ear placement using them well. He has a good front and rear construction and nice overall shape when he decides to co-operate. Not a born showman. He was shown in a good jacket, hard muscle tone but lacks a little body condition. Moved well. LD (3,2) 1 Cole's Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn. S/W just out of junior. Nice overall size and shape, typical head, nicely set ears which he uses to his advantage. He is finer in bone and a little narrow in chest. He is now at the age when he needs time to mature. Moved well. VB (1) 1 Giddings' All that Jazz at Ryecombe. Nice size Tri with good overall shape and construction. Nice clean head, eye. Good ear set but reluctant to use them today. Good sound movement. JB (1) 1 Norman & Theobald's Seanua Softly Softly. Litter sister to Junior Dog winner. She has such a lovely head pattern, flat skull and really nice eye and soft expression. Correct ear set, lovely reach of neck and length of back on this very feminine bitch of good size and shape. Very promising young lady. Her rear movement though needs to tighten. RCC. PGB (4) 1 Sweeney's Plaisance Blue Belle. Very feminine nicely coloured B/M. Liked her size, and overall body shape and condition. Well put together with correct head, eye and shows well. Sound movement. 2 Coates' Seanua Scotch Mist. S/W of different type and larger size. She has a good head pattern, eye and ear set. Good front and rear angulation, shown in good coat and condition but not always making the most of herself. Moved soundly. 3 Brown's Blamorder Back in Town. LB (3) 1 Peacock's Blamorder Back to the Start at Saraneth. As always this Tri was shown in excellent coat and condition, longer but balanced head, although she uses her ears well I would like a tighter ear set. Nicely constructed with good reach of neck. She is a real showgirl with easy sound movement. 2 Beeney's Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark. Good size and shape to this pretty S/W, with good head pattern, nice eye and ear set. Good front and rear angulations. Shame she does not make the best of herself when standing. She moved well. 3 Forbes' Willowhurst Vanity. OB (4,1) 1 Hayward's Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin). Nicely constructed Tri of good size, reach of neck, good chest and overall body shape but I would not like her any heavier. She has a lovely balanced head pattern, eye and neat correctly set ears. She is another excellent showgirl. Her hind movement today could have been better. This is a bitch who should appeal to me as I judged her mother at Crufts giving her the top bitch award and today as then her quality could not be denied. CC. 2 Griffiths' Alopex Little Summer. This feminine and pretty S/W bitch does not always show herself off to advantage. She has a clean correct head, nice eye and expression, good size with correct construction but today not in her best jacket. Sound steady mover. 3 Coates' Alopex Blue Moon