Smooth Collie Club Championship Show 2017


Judge : Stuart Mallard




BEST OF BREED  FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design & Best in Show

DOG CC   FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design
BEENEY Coneypark Black Sabbath
Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin) & Reserve Best in Show
LUSTY Blamorder Just My Luck

BEST PUPPY - FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore

BEST VETERAN LUSTY Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder


Minor Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st VICKERY Blamorder Bero Bero


Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st VICKERY Blamorder Bero Bero


Junior Dog (7,1)

1st BEENEY Coneypark Black Sabbath

2nd LOADER Coneypark Countdown for Allangill

3rd Coneypark Coldplay

Res BELL & COWLING Koczkodan Nostromo

VHC FORBES Natalain Star Lord at Willowhurst (Imp RUS)


Novice Dog (1,1)



Post Graduate Dog (3,0)

1st DENTON Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

2nd VICKERY Oakestelle Sebastian Bach

3rd FORBES Natalain Star Lord at Willowhurst (Imp RUS)


Limit Dog (1,0)

1st NORMAN Seanua Signature


Open Dog (7,0)

1st FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design

2nd COLE Ch Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn

3rd LEACH Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn

Res KINSEY & KINSEY Strutmoor Khaos of Kaswyn

VHC HAYWARD Ch Foxearth Flintab


Veteran Dog (1,0)

1st RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan


Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore


Puppy Bitch (1,0)

1st FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore


Junior Bitch (8,1)

1st PLETZ & KAZANTZIS Foxearth Fandella

2nd FLOWER Breckamore Butterfingers

3rd LUSTY, WILLIAMS & HUTCHINGS Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

Res MEACHAM Blamorder Curlywurly Girly at Zellamere

VHC RUSSELL Koczkodan Serenity


Novice Bitch (4,1)

1st FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore

2nd LUSTY, WILLIAMS & HUTCHINGS Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

3rd MOORE Manordeifi Black Bess


Post Graduate Bitch (4,1)

1st DENTON Brackenhaye Shape O'My Heart

2nd BEENEY Brackenhaye When We Dance

3rd  RUSSELL Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan


Limit Bitch (9,0)

1st KINSEY Sturtmoor Kurious Kadence

2nd SWEENEY Plaisance Blue Belle

3rd HAYWARD Foxearth Fine Beauty

Res BROWN Blamorder Back in Town

VHC FORBES Natalian Kilkenny at Willowhurst (Imp Rus)


Open Bitch (8,1)

1st HAYWARD Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth (Imp Fin)

2nd LUSTY Blamorder Just My Luck

3rd BEENEY Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark

Res TIMMINS Ir Ch Brackenhaye Desert Rose at Kynan

VHC DENTON Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo


Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1st LUSTY Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder

2nd BENTON Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle

3rd GRIFFITHS Alopex Little Summer

Res SEWELL Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill



Held in conjunction with Birmingham. This really was a most enjoyable event with such a happy atmosphere. My gratitude to the Secretary, Officers and Committee for the privilege of being a small part. I was made to feel so welcome. The City provided a beautiful ring so thanks must go to them also. Within all breeds there is variation in type etc but I have to say that overall I was pleased and able to find line ups in most classes and worthy winners. Thank you one and all for making my day so pleasant. MPD (1) 1 Vickery Blamorder Bero Bear, 7 m o tri. Head coming, correct shape and attributes. Dark oval eye, indication of stop. Reach to neck into clean shoulders supported by sound limbs. Level back with slope to croup into moulded hindquarters and low set hocks. Moved steady. Coat of harsh texture. PD (1) 1st Blamorder Bero Bear. JD (7,1) 1 Beeney Coneypark Black Sabbath, well developed and upstanding. Masculine without coarseness enabling him to convey a beautiful outline. His head is about right. I wouldn't want it to develop much more. Well placed firm shoulders into moderate bone and good feet. His sprung rib cage is carried well back. Desired top line and hindquarters. Sound typical action. Shown in hard condition and quality coat. RDCC. 2 Loader Coneypark Countdown for Allangill, masculine sable lad carrying a reasonable head. Reach to neck into clean forehand. Depth to brisket, level back, firm loin, slope to croup into shapely hindquarters. 3 Holloway Coneypark Cold Play. ND (1,1)Repeat. PGD (3) 1 Denton Brackenhaye Fields of Gold, Sable presenting an harmonious outline. Head deep enough with minimal stop, clean oval eye and ears just right. Reach to arched neck into correct front assembly. His ribcage has shape and his hindquarters compliment his forehand. Carried enough substance and shown in good nick. 2 Vickery Oakestelle Sebastian Bach RL2. Not quite the head or development of 1 as yet. His forelegs are parallel into good feet, body well ribbed a touch square in outline maybe. He moved OK and was shown in good condition. 3 Forbes Natalain Lord at Willowhurst. LD (1) 1 Sewell Seanua Signature, Sable with a respectable head, gentle stop and oval eye well positioned. Parallel moderately boned limbs and decent feet. Deep brisket and well sprung ribcage. Level topline, slope to croup and useful hindquarters. Moved reasonably. OD (7) 1 French Ch Breckamore by Design, upstanding, masculine blue Merle of excellent breed type, construction and quality, impressive outline from a soundly made frame carrying correct substance and muscle condition. I considered him quite special. Typical foot perfect movement and sporting a clear harsh coat. DCC BOB. 2 Cole Ch Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn, sable with an exquisite head and expression. Soundly made but I just preferred the finished outline of 1. Gently arched neck into decent forehand and limbs. Shape to topline with tail set and hindquarters to suit. Moved with ease. 3 Leach Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn. VD (1) 1 Russell Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan, Masculine and mature 8 yo sable. Decent head, a tad cheeky perhaps, correct bite, flat skull, ears a shade low. Chest developed and shoulders well placed. He has depth to brisket and a topline to compliment. Some turn to stifle, moved sensibly. MPB (1) 1 French Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore, quality blue merle, so feminine and balanced, her breed virtues are laid bare for all to see, although sound her topline still rolls a little when moving in profile. I considered her a bright prospect. BP. PB (1) 1 Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore. JB (8.1) 1 Pletz & Kazantzis Foxearth Fandella, feminine and totally typical tri, wedge head with gentle break and well placed dark oval eye. Her body is very well proportioned with angles just as one would wish. Her movement was sound and so typical. Shown in good condition she sported a harsh coat. 2 Flower Breckamore Butterfingers, tri of similar stamp but I just preferred eye and general outline of 1. Well appointed shoulders, good legs and feet. Breadth through body. Turn to stifle and a sound mover. 3 Lusty Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. NB (4,1) 1 Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore. 2 Blamorder Ice Cream Dream, well constructed feminine blue Merle. Quality head, well placed eye and sweet expression. Nicely built frame presents a beautiful outline although I did prefer reach to neck of 1. Harsh coat which could clear a little. 3rd Moores Manordeifi Black Bess. PGB (4,1) 1 Denton Brackenhaye Shape O' My Heart 18 m o tri she is feminine and the more mature in this class. She carries a balanced typey head with attributes to please. Reach to arched neck and firm well placed shoulders. Ribcage well sprung and carried back. Hindquarters well turned and muscled. Displayed convincing movement. 2 Beeney Brackenhaye When We Dance. Quality lady, loved her shape and correctly angled frame. Very sound on the move, gave way to maturity today. 3 Russell Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan. LB (9,1) 1 Kinsey Sturtmoor Kurious Kadence, well deserved win for this tri. 2 1/2 y o she is feminine with a touch of class. I liked her head and expression clean neck and forehand, not the best of feet. Balanced body and shapely hindquarters with low set hocks. Moved soundly with convincing deportment. 2 weeney Plaisance Blue Bell, mature blue merle with a feminine outlook and good all round balance. She is mature and well constructed with breadth through. Free easy mover. Shown in muscular condition. 3 Hayward Foxearth Fine Beauty. OB (8,1) 1 Hayward Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearth. Beautifully matured 6yo lady she has matured well and retains femininity and a touch of refinement. So honest to go over she moves with consummate ease and smooth deportment and transition. In good hard condition and decent coat. In tip top notch. BCC. 2 Lusty Blamorder Just My Luck, 2yo of excellent type and displaying considerable quality. Excellent outline from well built frame. Balanced head, arched neck and clean shoulders. Body with substance, defined hindquarters and low set hocks. Just lacked the complete finish of 1. Appreciated her effortless movement. RBCC. 3 Beeney Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark. VB (4) 1 Lusty Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder 10 y o tri and no surprise she has her title. She portrays femininity, breed type and was brought forward in outstanding condition. Most definitely sound and fit for function. 2 Benton Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle, 8 y o blue merle of similar stamp and correct clear colour, just favoured eye of 1. Totally sound and in hard nick. Excellent stride. Correct harsh coat. 3 Griffiths Alopex Little Summer, completed a trio of ladies that their owners can feel justifiably proud of. A credit to the breed.