Lancs and Cheshire Collie Club Championship Show 2018


Judge : Peter Bailey




BEST OF BREED  FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design & Reserve Best in Show

DOG CC   FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design
HAYWARD Foxearth Fletch
HARTLEY Ch Foxearth Finnish Spirt at Jimjack ShCM
FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore

BEST PUPPY - HAYWARD Foxearth Fletch & Best Puppy in Show

BEST VETERAN - FORT Ch Shulune Imperial Legacy JW ShCM



Puppy Dog (1,0)

1st HAYWARD Foxearth Fletch


Junior Dog

No Entries


Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st BELL & COWLING Koczkodan Nostromo


Limit Dog

No Entries


Open Dog (2,1)

1st FRENCH Ch Breckamore By Design


Veteran Dog (3,2)

1st RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan


Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st FORT Shulune Imperial Design

2nd JOHNSON Foxearth Full Moon


Junior Bitch (1,0)

1st FRENCH Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore


Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1st RUSSELL Koczkodan Serenity


Limit Bitch (3,1)

1st RUSSELL Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan

2nd FORT Shulune Imperial Storm


Open Bitch (1,0)

1st HARTLEY Ch Foxearth Finnish Spirt at Jimjack ShCM


Veteran Bitch (1,0)

1st FORT Ch Shulune Imperial Legacy JW ShCM



(1) Winner was Hayward's Foxearth Flash, a blue merle with a good out line of make and shape he has a very good head with the correct eye shape and ear carriage, a good colour of eyes, nice balance of muzzle and skull he has a good temperament very good to handle good coat correct colouring he was good on the move, I was pleased to award him the reserve CC and later pleased to see him win Best Puppy in Show well done.*PGD* (1) 1 Bell & Cowling's Koczkodan Nostromo, a nice tri colour with a sound well balanced make and shape his coat condition was first class jet black with nice tan and white markings best of head types eye in particular good he moved well, liked him a lot.*OD* (2,1) winner and the dog CC winner BOB & later reserve Best In Show was French's Champion Breckamore By Design, a blue merle of outstanding quality best of outline make and shape lovely front with correct shoulder upper arm legs and feet good top line loin and croup very good tail set and carriage on the move, head is quite lovely best of muzzle stop skull eyes and ears all giving a good expression, his coat was the correct colour and texture he moves with a good sound style, first time I have judged him I was very pleased to award him the top honour, thank you for bringing him.*VD* (3,2) 1 Bell's Foxearth Fashion Guru For Koczkodan, a sable and white in first class condition did not show any age correctly balanced head coat was in good condition he has a good overall body shape moved with a nice style.*PB* (2), 1 Fort's Shulune Imperial Design, a sable and white bitch who was lovely to handle her head is correct with a nice balance of stop skull and fore face a good bite she has very good eyes correct shape and colour her out line of make and shape pleased she has nice temperament she moved well. 2 Johnston's Foxearth Full Moon a very promising tri colour puppy in first class condition her coat was jet black with good tan and white markings head type is good make and shape pleased a lot, only my decision on the day split these two good examples thank you. *JB* (1) 1 and the reserve bitch CC winner was French's Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore a good up standing blue merle in lovely coat and condition she has a very very good breed type head eyes in particular are good a good body out line profile and angulations correct great reach of neck first class on the move a good reach and rear drive a bitch with a lot to like about her, I was pleased to award her the reserve CC I am sure this one will go all the way.*PGB* (1) 1 Bell's Koczkodan Serenity a tri colour bitch again one in tip top order,coat condition was sparkling jet black with very pleasing tan and white markings her head pattern was good she has a lovely expression body make and shape very sound movement was very good both fwd and rear a nice bitch thank you. *LB *(3,1) 1 Bell's Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan a 2 year old tri colour who pleased a lot, she was very sound both standing and on the move best of out line of body make and shape a good reach of neck top line loin and croup all pleased she has a very good head with the correct breed type expression coming from a good placement of eyes ears and a correct balance of muzzle stop and skull,I had nice exhibits from this handler to day thank you. 2 Fort's Shulune Imperial Storm, a 5 year old tri colour bitch, very close up to the winner good condition out line of make and shape correct good head breed type eyes in particular good very sound to handle again only my opinion separated these two bitches to day, both are very pleasing examples. *OB *(1) 1 and the bitch CC winner was Hartley's Champion Foxearth Finnish Spirt at Jimjack Sh CM, I like everything about this classic bitch best of make and shape a lovely balanced body with top line loin and croup all to a high standard her head pattern is perfect great expression eyes are quite lovely legs and feet are correct she has a very lovely condition of coat tri colour of outstanding condition jet black with nice tan markings, lovely to handle and judge her movement was good, a worthy champion of the breed.*VB* (2,1) 1 Best Veteran and Best Veteran In Show, was Fort's Champion Shulune Imperial Legacy JW SchCM, a lovely sable and white champion of the breed first class on the move condition out standing her make and shape are correct, lovely balance of head pattern, not showing any sign of age she was lovely thank you