Collie Club of Wales Championship Show 2017 - No CCs


Judge Wendy Musty



Best of Breed Denton's Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo & Reserve Best in Show

Best Dog Beeney's Coneyparl Black Sabbath

Reserve Best Dog Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold
Best Bitch
Denton's Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo

Reserve Best Bitch Beeney's Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark
Best Puppy - Beeney's Coneyparl Black Sabbath



Special Yearling Dog (3,0)
1st Beeney's Coneyparl Black Sabbath

2nd Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

3rd Moore's Manordeifi Bow Regard


Limit Dog (1,0)

1st Kinsey's Sturtmoor Khaos of Kaswyn


Open Dog (2,2)



Limit Bitch (4,0)
1st Beeney's Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark

2nd Moore's Tomalca Buttons n Bows at Manordeifi

3rd Coate's Seanua Scotch Mist

Res Kinsey's Sturtmoor Kurious Kadence


Open Bitch (3,2)
1st Denton's Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo


SYD (3) 1 Beeney's Coneypark Black Sabbath. 8 month old tri dog. Lovely masculine boy. Head handles well, good parallel lines, clean stop, flat skull, still needs to clean in cheeks, topped off with a lovely soft expression. Well set ears. Good lay back of shoulder, good spring and depth of rib. Lovely topline, nice long tail. A little loose on the move but should strengthen with time. Just hope his colour clears out. BD and BPIB. 2 Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold. SW 13 month old. Another quality dog, similar remarks apply. Both should have a bright future. RBD. 3 Moores' Manordeifi Bow Regard. LD (1) 1 Kinsey's Stuartmoor Khaos of Kaswyn. Nice SW dog, lighter framed than 1 and 2 in previous class. Has good shoulder and front, but needs to drop a bit more in chest. Good bend of stifle. Nice length of tail. Very happy boy, enjoying his day out. V (2,1) 1 Coates' Alopex Blue Moon. BM bitch of 8 year old. Very feminine. Clean head with good stop. Soft expression. Long neck. Shoulders well laid back. Balanced angulation. Moved well. SYB (3,2) 1 Denton's Brakenhaye Shape 'o' My Heart. 13 month old tri. Full of herself on the day which affected her movement. That said, she is well constructed with a jet black coat. Another who must have a bright future. LB (4) 1 Beeney's Ryecombe Jolly Jonquil at Coneypark. I have done this SW bitch well in the past. Now fully mature. Pretty head, correct wedge with slight stop. Lovely neck flowing into good shoulders, firm topline, good angulation in the rear. All enabling her to move sound. Res BB. 2 Moores' Tomalca Buttons 'n' Bows at Manordeifi. Pretty SW bitch. Her markings do her no favours, making her appear upright and open in shoulder, which she certainly is not. Well angulated fore and aft. She moves out well. Would just benefit from more muscle tone but was not alone in this. 3 Coates' Seanua Scotch Mist. OB (3.2) 1 Denton's Ch. Kevrannas Theras Enate Echo. Fabulous Shaded Sable bitch, who's every inch the champion she is. Loving her day out on the day (lovely cuddles) Once settled she moved round the ring with drive, keeping her topline, a dream to watch. BOB and RBIS