British Collie Championship Show 2016


Judge : Anthony Foulston (Misstoff)








Veteran Dog/Bitch
1st GAY Ch Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane
2nd NORMAN Easy Listening at Seanua
3rd GRIFFITHS Alopex Matt Finish

Res BENTON Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle
VHC TRUNDLEY Juniperwood King of Kings

Puppy Dog
No Entries


Junior Dog (3,0)
1st NORMAN Seanua Signature

2nd FRENCH Breckamore By Design
3rd COLE Sturtmoor Dream of Kasvelyn


Post Graduate Dog
No Entries


Limit Dog (7,0)
1st LUSTY Blamorder Back to the Future
2nd KENNEDY Ryecombe Deb on Air

3rd FRENCH Breckamore Blushing Groom

Res BENTON Oakestelle Vivaldi
VHC RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan


Open Dog (2,0)

1st HAYWARD Ch Foxearth Flintab

2nd WHITE Ch Foxearth Frappuccino


Puppy Bitch
No Entries


Junior Bitch (6,0)
1st THEOBALD Seanua Sofly Softly
2nd HARTLEY Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack
3rd FORBES Natalain Kilchenny at Willowhurst
Res WILLIAMS Blamorder Just Like Magic
VHC TRUNDLEY Sturtmoor Klarrisants Kiss

Post Graduate Bitch(7,0)
1st FORBES Willowhurst Vanity
2nd BROWN Blamorder Back in Town

3rd SWEENEY Plaisane Blue Belle
Res LUSTY Foxearth Fly Orchis
VHC TRUNLEY Juniperwood Joyful

Limit Bitch (6,0)
1st PEACOCK Biamorder Back to the Start for Saraneth
2nd NORMAN Seanua Serendipity

3rd BENTON Oakestelle Venus de Milo
Res FRENCH Finnish Touch for Breckamore
VHC MOORE Manordeifi Silver Sparkle

Open Bitch (9,2)
1st HAYWARD Ch Clingstone's Hot Shot at Foxearthh
2nd LUSTY Juniperwood Just a Dream
3rd  WHITE Ch Breckamore Bridget Jones
Res SEWELL Ch Foxearth Dressed to Frill

VHC RUSSELL Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczkodan


Thanks to the exhibitors for the very good entry & the club for the appointment & hospitality.

In general I was concerned about the lack of muscle on a large number of the exhibits, I appreciate that the weather over the previous months has not helped making grassed areas very wet & at times unusable however, roadwork always builds muscle.

Overall I found the in-depth quality of the bitches rather better than the dogs.

V (6,1a) 1 Gay’s Ch Manordeifi Sapphire Mist at Yagane, b/m bitch. Nice head, eyes &, ears would prefer a little more length of mussel. Well balanced body, moved well with drive. BVIS; 2 Norman & Ratcliffes’ Easy Litening at Seauna, s/w dog of good size but balanced throughout, would have liked more muscle. Good head, eye & ears, which he was reluctant to use. Rather unsettled on the move. PD (0). JD (3) 1 Norman’s Seaua Signature, s/w only just out of puppy. Lovely shape with good turn of stifle, nice head that needs to develop however, time is on his side. Standing he made a lovely picture. On the move he was rather erratic; 2 French’s Breckamore By Design, b/m, good body shape but would prefer a little more length. Nice head but a little broad in backskull, again he is one with time on his side for development. Moved well. PGD (0). LD (7) 1 Trundley’s Blamorder Back To The Future, b/m. Good head, eye & ears that together gave a lovely masculine expression. Good body shape & length with correct turn of stifle. In general a nice colour, his full white collar extends further back along his body than is preferred. Moved very well in all views & with drive. CC; 2 Kennedy’s Ryecomb Bed’Air, s/w. Nice head although a little deep through. Pleasing eye & good ears, which he was reluctant to use. Good body that is well balanced. Moved OK. OD (2) 1 Hayward’s Ch Foxearth Flintab, b/m. Lovely shape & well balanced body. Good head with pleasing eye & ears that he was very reluctant to use. Moved OK. For me today he was just not on top form. RCC; 2 White’s Ch Foxearth Frappuccino, tri. A lovely dog in all aspects, one that I have admired for some time. I judged him 4 years ago & did him very well. Unfortunately today he was very reluctant to make anything of himself, either standing or on the move.

PB (0). JB (6) 1 Theobald’s Seaua Softly Softly, s/w. Good head, eye & ears that produced a lovely feminine expression. Good length of neck onto correct body shape. Standing made a lovely picture that filled my eye. On the move she needs to settle especially when moving away. I will watch her career with interest. RCC; 2 Hartley’s Foxearth Finnish Spirt at Jimjack, tri of similar age to 1. Nice head, eyes & ears providing feminine expression. Good neck & body shape, a little shorter than first body. Moved OK. Another one with time on her side. PGB (7,2a) 1 Forbes’ Willowhurst Vanity, tri. Nice shaped head of correct length, I found her eye a little round, good well used ears. Good length of neck, leading to a balanced body with correct turn of stifle. Moved well; 2 Brown & Seacroft’s Blamorder Back In Town, tri. Good head, eye a little round, good ears. Good body shape, moved OK. I preferred the neck, body & balance of 1. LB (6) 1 Peacock’s Blamorder Back To The Start for Saraneth, tri. Lovely well balanced bitch. Correct head of equal planes, correct eye, ears are a little light but used well giving a nice expression, neck & body well proportioned. Moved well; 2 Norman’s Seanua Serendipity, s/w. Good well balanced head, good eye & ears which she is reluctant to use. Correct length of neck & body is balanced, she obviously enjoys her food. Moved OK. OB (9) A lovely class of quality bitches which was enjoyable to judge. 1 Hayward’s Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth, tri. A quality bitch in all arears. Excellent head, eye & ears that are well used & together produce a beautiful feminine expression. Good length of neck, leading to a well balanced body, good front & rear angulation. Coat was correct type & in sheen condition. Stood & showed off her attributes at all times. CC, BOB. delighted to see her awarded BIS; 2 Lusty’s Juniperwood Just A Dream, tri. Good head with correct eye & ears. Good length of neck leading to correctly balanced body. Moved well.