HOUND BREED RECORD HOLDERS
Afghan Hound


Ch Soloman's Seal From Karnak  Ch Tejas Conquistador
35 CC's ( 34 Judges) 25 CC's ( 25 Judges)
D.O.B  16.05.1985 D.O.B : 05.09.1991
S: Ch Ashihna Raoul S: Ch Pahlavi Pandemonium (Imp)
D: Karnak Cinnamon D: Ch Anasazi's Testarossa (Imp)
Bred by : Brenda Thornton and Yvette Short Bred by : Mr & Mrs Ivor & Michele D Keelan
Owned by : Mrs A & Mr N Gilchrist & Maclenna Owned by : Mike Gadsby & Mrs A Doe
  Ch/Ir Ch Horsley's Sir Kinkaid Am/UK Ch. Klassic's Million Dollar Baby   
40 CCs at Tokaji (Imp USA)
  42 CCs
D.O.B  01.01.1976 D.O.B : 26.11.2004
S: Ch Horsleys Sir Phydeau S: Am Ch Penda Taji's Tri-Umphant One
D: Horsleys Sirjennie D: Am/Can Klassic's Rooty Toot Toot
Bred by : Jayne Wilson Stringer Bred by : Sue Kite & Jeffrey Gillespie 
Owned by : Breeder Owned by Trish Hallam,Dee Hardy,Sue Kite,Jeffrey Gillespie
Basset Fauve De Bretagne
D.O.B   D.O.B  
S:  S: 
D:  D: 
Bred by Bred by
Owned by  Owned by 
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)
Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Cartier Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Arc En Ciel  
25 CCs (25 Judges) 17 CCs (17 Judges)
D.O.B  01/02/12 D.O.B  15/03/06
S: Ir Ch Tarmachan Albanwy S: Int Ch Surcouf de l'Oustal Viel
D: Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Arc En Ciel  D: Ch/Ir Ch Melanter toot a lou of Tarmachan 
Bred by Fiona Buchanan & Michael MacLaren Bred by Fiona Buchanan & Michael MacLaren
Owned by Fiona Buchanan & Michael MacLaren Owned by Fiona Buchanan & Michael MacLaren
Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)
  Ch Soletrader Peek A Boo    
26 CCs  
D.O.B : 29.10.09 D.O.B  
S: CH & Dutch CH Cappuccino Van Tum-Tums Vriendjes S: 
D: Ch Soletrader My Aphrodisiac D: 
Bred by : Gavin & Sara Robertson Bred by
Owned by : Breeders Owned by 
Basset Hound
  Ch Bassbarr O'Sullivan Ch Blaby Marrygolde  
67 CC's  26 CC's
D.O.B : 21.01.1991 D.O.B : 02.02.1980
S: Ch White Gold of Andyne S: Ch Harecroft Magnus of Balleroy
D: Ch O'Hara van Hollandheim D: Jussland Fancy Free of Blaby
Bred by: William O'Louglin Bred by
Owned by : Breeder Owned by 
  Ch Beacott Buckthorn Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW  
38 CC's ? 49 CC's (49 Judges)
D.O.B  12.11.1975 D.O.B  03.01.2014
S: Ch Southcourt Wembury Merryboy S: Ch Nedlaw Barbarian
D: Ch Beacott Cornevon Minuet D:  Bayard Daytrip
Bred by : Phillip Tutchenor Bred by : Sarah Jackson
Owned by : Breeder Owned by : Jill Peak
D.O.B   D.O.B  
S:  S: 
D:  D: 
Bred by Bred by
Owned by  Owned by 
    Ch Colhugh Caminickers  
D.O.B   D.O.B  02.03.81
S:  S: Olias Tangerine Dream
D:  D: Ch Colhugh Crumpet
Bred by Bred by : Reg Bassett
Owned by  Owned by : Breeder
Dachshund (Long-haired)
  Ch Bronia Conquistador Ch Frankanwen Gold Braid   
51 CC's  (49 Judges) 40 CC's  (40 Judges)
D.O.B  31.08.1989 D.O.B : 20.11.1987
S: Ch & Aus Ch Swansford Jaquador of Bronia S: Mandarin of Phaeland
D: Ch Bronia Stars N Stripes D: Ch Frankanwen Gold Bangle
Bred by : Fran Mitchell Bred by : Wendy Barrow
Owned by : Breeder Owned by : Breeder
Dachshund (Min Long-haired)
  Ch Southcliff Starsky Ch Minard Krystal Darque  
38 CC's

71 CC's 

D.O.B : 05.09.1982 D.O.B : 17.08.2001
S: Ch Coobeg Rubus at Southcliff S: Ralines Royal Spartan
D: Ch Southcliff Sweet Music D: Mullion Bensons Lily of Minard
Bred by : Alan Sharman Bred by : T & J & S. Goddard
Owned by : Breeder Owned by : Breeders
Dachshund Miniature Smooth-haired)
  Ch Pipersvale Pina Colada Ch Sonderbar Billie Jean at Stargang (Imp Aus)  
70 CC's 26 CC's
D.O.B : 28.11.1980 D.O.B  : 24.03.2009
S: Ch Monksmile Dan-De-Lion S: Aus Sonderbar Say it Right
D: Ch Roslaye Calypso Girl D: Aus Ch Sonderbar Sorry
Owner/Bred by : Betty Munt Bred by : Bill Hardie
  Owned By : Ellen Blackburn
Dachshund (Miniature Wire-haired)
  Ch Drakesleat Win Alot Ch Drakesleat Scent Sybil  
45 CC's  42 CC's
D.O.B  18.04.2008 D.O.B : 17.06.2012
S: Ch / Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Trier Winshoten  S: Ch Drakesleat Otton the Scent
D: Ch Drakesleat Ethics Girl D: Ch Drakesleat Sally Forf
Owner/Bred by : Zena Thorn Andrews Owner/Bred by : Zena Thorn Andrews
Dachshund (Smooth-haired)
  CH. Turlshill Troubador CH. Rhinefields Amala  
50 CC's  52 CC's 
D.O.B  12-7-78 D.O.B  27-6-80
S:  CH. Court Jester of Garelyn S: Ch. Descendant of Rhinefields
D: Lady Jane of Turlshill  D: Ch. Rhinefields Amapola
Owner/Bred by : RWB Pinches Owner/Bred by : Mr & Mrs J Gallop
Dachshund (Wire-haired)
  Ch Krystona Augustus  Ch Lankelly Black Bryony  
66 CC's 50 CC's
D.O.B  : 05.08.1977 D.O.B  26.09.1996
S: Vagbond of Gisbourne S: Am Ch & Ch Starbarrack Diamond (Imp USA)
D: Pickhill Poinsettia D: Lankelly Betony
Bred by : Mrs D Atterton Owned/Bred by : Pamela Poulter
Owned by : Mrs B Farrand & Mrs J R Naylor  
Ch. Killioeter Onich Ch Rosslyn Carric  
37 CC's  40 CC's 
D.O.B  : 23.04.1993 D.O.B  : 07.07.1989
S: Killieter Lachie S: Ch Kilbourne Shamus
D: Ch Rosslyn Carric D: Rosslyn Azotic
Bred by :  Bred by : 
Owned by :  Owned by : 
Finnish Spitz
  Ch Kunniakas Kovu     
42 CC's  
D.O.B  23.03.2003 D.O.B  
S: Ch Toveri Arvokas S: 
D: Ch Kunniakas Keziah D: 
Bred by : Ian & Lucy, Tony & Linda and Stuart & Karen Byrne Bred by : 
Owned by : Breeders Owned by : 
  Ch/Ir Ch Kestos I Spy at Graythor JW ShCM Ch Ravenstone Hattie  
66 CC's 44 CC's
D.O.B  26.04.2003 D.O.B  21.2.1980
S: Ch Kestos Kriega S: Hans Av Klekkefjell of Eskamere
D: Kestos Raina D: Ravenstone Hiordis
Bred by : Mrs Barbara Stokes Bred by : Mrs Margaret and Mr T Harper.
Owned by : Brian and Linda Middleton. Owned by : Mr Fred Pickup
  Ch Mistweave Making Waves    
D.O.B  19.11.2000 D.O.B  
S: Ch Ballayns Foggy at Mistweave S: 
D: Hubbestad the Morning After at Mistweave D: 
Bred by : Ian Savage & Barbara Hargreaves Bred by : 
Owned by :  Owned by : 
D.O.B   D.O.B  
S:  S: 
D:  D: 
Bred by :  Bred by : 
Owned by :  Owned by : 
Ibizan Hound
    CH Paran Chasing Shadows to Charnealis  
  28 CC's 
D.O.B   D.O.B : 31.07.1999
S:  S: Ch Paran Christmas Cracker at Robick
D:  D: Ch Paran Ziggy
Bred by :  Bred by
Owned by :  Owned by 
Irish Wolfhound
  Ch Drakesleat Kyak Ch Maramac Barbarella  
41 CC's  22 CC's
D.O.B  06.01.1979 D.O.B  
S: Ch Drakesleat Runen S: 
D: Drakesleat Musyk D: 
Bred by : Zena Thorn Andrews Bred by : 
Owned by : Breeder Owned by : 
D.O.B   D.O.B  
S:  S: 
D:  D: 
Bred by :  Bred by : 
Owned by :  Owned by : 
Pharoah Hound
Ch. Furnwood Argus Ch. Ankors Behutet  
35 CC's  24 CC's 
D.O.B  20/01/1980 D.O.B  19/9/199
S:  Ch. Merymut Sahure S:  Lileo's Orpheus of Serafin
D: Merymut Cassiopeia D: Ch. Surannon Summer Solstice for Ankors
Bred by : Mr & Mrs Welsh Bred by : Antony Bongiovanni
Owned by : Viv White Owned by : A Bongiovani, S. Parker & G Stevens.
Rhodesian Ridgeback
CH Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka JW (imp NL) Int, Ir Ch & Ch Veldtkammer Lady Done A Bunk


39 CC's (39 Judges) 35 CC's
D.O.B : 07.06.2011 D.O.B : 09.07.2002
S: Int CH Villagedogs Hottopic S: Ch Ndege Shaka of Eilack (Imp Ken)
D: Luna V.H. Maasjesfles D: Veldtkammer Blits
Bred by  Mrs C J M Coppens-Janssens Owned/Bred by : Mike Parke
Owned by Mrs Karen Barnard  
  CH Classicus Cassander JW ShCM    
45 CC's  currently  
D.O.B  07.04.2010 D.O.B  
S: Ch Baghdad Karin (Imp Aus) S: 
D: Ch Khalilis Phaedra of Classicus (Imp Swe) D: 
Bred by :  Mary Parker Bred by : 
Owned by : Jeannette Glaister Owned by : 
  Ch Shalfleet Simply A Lord Ch Nutshell of Nevedith  
39 CC's (39 Judges) 43 CC's (43 Judges)
D.O.B  07/09/2009 D.O.B   22/01/1987.
S: Shalfeet Simply Jazz S: Nevedith Up Town Guy 
D: Shalfleet Song Of Dreams D: Chilka Dairy Maid
Bred by : Jane Wilton-Clark Bred by Mr & Mrs JWF & WP Barker
Owned by : Breeder Owned by Edith & Editha Newton