Smooth Collies

Crufts Mr J Bispham Jesena Silver Crusader Rowvale Rainbow Warrior Crownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Newarp Jesena Moonlight Sonata
British Collie Club Mr G Duffield Rowvale Dream Racer Foxearth Flash of Steel Newarp Jesena Moonlight Sonata Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth
Scottish Breeds Mr A Clark Foxearth Snow Flurry Cownbred Hopeful Quest at Foxearth Foxearth Playing with Fire Pelghart Painted Lady
Manchester S M Wigglesworth Southcombe Sterling Rowvale Dream Racer Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Pelghart Perchance to Dream
Lancs & Cheshire Collie Mr T Hayward Hilltarn Blue Heritage Southcombe Sterling Manordeifi Silver Serenade Pelghart Gypsy Pearls
Smooth Collie Club of GB Mrs Charlotte Hoier Fido Fax to Foxearth Foxearth Firelancer Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Manordeifi Silver Serenade
WELKS Mrs C E Cartledge Rowvale Rainbow Warrior Rowvale Dream Racer Newarp Jesena Moonlight Sonata Alopex Little Snow Bird
Birmingham National Mrs V Geddes Pelghart Gypsy Prophecy Moonwalker from Misstoff Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Manordeifi Silver Serenade
West of England Collie Mrs A F Chatfield Hilltarn Hyperion Southcombe Strike Gold Newarp Jesena Moonlight Sonata Astrellita Astrid at Aberhill
SKC May Mrs G Illingworth Foxearth Snow Flurry Hilltarn Hyperion Foxearth Playing with Fire Alopex Little Snow Bird
London Collie Club Penny Evans Merland Midnight Marauder Rowvale Rainbow Warrior Rowvale Rose Marie Manordeifi Silver Serenade
Bournemouth Mrs P Lister Astrellita Al Pacino Foxearth Snow Flurry Lowerpark Pandora at Derbypark Alopex Little Snow Bird
Welsh Kennel Club Mr D Smith Southcombe Strike Gold Chicnoir Midnight Magic at Freejack Manordeifi Silver Serenade Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth
City of Birmingham Mrs S Clarke Hilltarn Hyperion Lowerpark Pipe Major Lowerpark Pandora at Derbypark Newarp Midnight Melody
National Working Breeds Sara Pettit Rowvale Dream Racer Astrellita Al Pacino Lowerpark Pandora at Derbypark Foxearth Phoebe
Leeds City Mr A J Foulston Rowvale Dream Racer Crossfells Quiescence Manordeifi Silver Serenade Cownbred Hot n Spicy at Foxearth
LKA Mrs V A Turner Kangasvuokon Put Up the Pow-Wow Merland Midnight Marauder Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth Devern Far Pavillions