Smooth Collies

Crufts Miss D M Young Hilltarn Lucifer Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist Foxearth Flourish
British Collie Club Mr D Smith Hilltarn Glenn Laureats Love in a Mist Foxearth Flourish Astrellita Adele
Scottish Breeds Mrs C H Leach Misstoff Moriarty Manordeifi Star Buster of Patlyns Bothways Fancy Blue Luvies Scintillation at Bhyllsacre
Manchester Mrs A J Speding Andrew of Francolls Norfield Magic Knight Crossfells Blissful at Copperfleet Bothways Bijou at Bigglesmere
Smooth Collie Club Mr P Turner Bothways Abouttime Blue Glenmist Rough Diamond at Lordsvill Foxearth Flourish Foxearth Silver Florin
Working Breeds of Wales Mrs V Hickson Hilltarn Lucifer Norfield Magic Knight Newarp Silver Moonbeam Astrellita Adele
WELKS Mrs B Blake Hilltarn Lucifer Misstoff Moriarty Glenmist Silver Filegee of Lewarne Foxearth Flourish
Birmingham Dog Show Mr M Vincent Misstoff Moriarty Andrew of Francolls Foxearth Flourish Newarp Silver Moonbeam
Lancs & Ches Collie Mrs B E Hayward Bodarna Black Peregrin   Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist Newarp Silver Mist
Bath Mrs P Mildon Norfield Magic Knight Careith Moody Blue Foxearth Flourish Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist
SKC Mrs A Arch Hilltarn Dusk to Dawn Hilltarn Lucifer Alopex Bluestocking Newarp Silver Mist
Darlington Mr J Kirk Misstoff Moriarty Hilltarn Lucifer Bothways Bijou at Bigglesmere Sunnyhurst Seabreeze
Three Counties Mrs P Walsh Hilltarn Lucifer Misstoff Moriarty Foxearth Flourish Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist
Blackpool Mr B House Bothways Abouttime Blue Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena Newarp Silver Moonbeam Nearp Silver Shooting Star at Jesena
City of Birmingham Miss D J Moores Bothways Abouttime Blue Hilltarn Lucifer Newarp Dark Romance Crossfells Blissful at Copperfleet
National Working Breeds Mrs C E Cartledge Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena Andrew of Francolls Foxearth Flourish Misstoff Martini
East of England Mrs A F Chatfield Foxearth Flash Gun from Delmbush Hilltarn Lucifer Newarp Silver Moonbeam Lilymead Quite a Lady at Rowvale
Leeds City Mrs M Clark Misstoff Moriarty Bothways Abouttime Blue Crossfells Blissful at Copperfleet Merland Blue Symphony
Welsh Kennel Club Mrs I Cozens Misstoff Moriarty Norfield Magic Knight Foxearth Flourish Lilymead Quintasia
LKA Mrs B Hodgetts Lassina Looks Familiar at Kimbru Norfield Magic Knight Maneric Miss Dior Lilymead Quintasia