Smooth Collies

Crufts Mrs N Leach Crossfells Sea Gemini Tilehouse Patrick Dancerwood Freelance Catalanta Blue Mischief
British Collie Club Mr J S Broderick Blue Heritage at Hughley Kymbric Mighty Gherka Admyret Annabell Candida from Peterblue
Manchester Mrs P E Green Peterblue Tobias Treewood Black King Catalanta Blue Mischief Peterblue Hannah
WELKS Miss M Osbourne Blue Heritage at Hughley Anrose Blue Harlequin Peterblue Hannah Admyret Annabell
Bath Miss D M young Saber of Tilehouse Treewood Black King Dancerwood Freelance Talcott Farewell of Heronlea
Birmingham Dog Show Mr J H J Braddon Saber of Tilehouse Peterblue Tobias Catalanta Blue Mischief Admyret Annabell
SKC Mrs A Bishop Blue Heritage at Hughley Jalondas Scharanell Jalonda Marie Therasa Blue Belle at Lennelcot
Three Counties Mr A T Jeffries Blue Heritage at Hughley Peterblue Tobias Talcott Farewell of Heronlea Dancerwood Freelance
Blackpool Mr W H Bradshaw Blue Heritage at Hughley Hroca Son of Gem of Sylvamor Foxearth Silver Fountain Candida from Peterblue
City of Birmingham Miss L Turner Peterblue Tobias Saber of Tilehouse Foxearth Silver Fountain Talcott Dora
National Working Breeds Mrs C G Sutton Saber of Tilehouse Hilltarn the Maestro Talcott Farewell of Heronlea Talcott Dora