West of England Collie Ass Open Show September 2017


Judge : Jane Lilley




Best of Breed DENTON Brackenhaye Fields of Gold & Reserve Best in Show

Best Dog DENTON Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

Res Best Dog MOORE Manordeifi Bow Regard

Best Bitch LUSTY, WILLIAMS, HUTCHINGS Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

Res Best Bitch BENTON Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle

Best Veteran BENTON Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle & Best Veteran in Show

Best Puppy - DENTON Brackenhaye Fields of Gold



Veteran Dog (1,1)



Puppy Dog

No Entries


Special Yearling Dog (4,2)

1st DENTON Brackenhaye Fields of Gold

2nd MOORE Manordeifi Bow Regard

3rd LUSTY Blamorder Bring Him Home


Limit Dog

No Entries

Open Dog (1,0)


Veteran Bitch (5,2)
1st BENTON Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle

2nd LUSTY Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker

3rd MOORE Manordeifi Silver Sparkle


Puppy Bitch

No Entries

Special Yearling Bitch (3,1)
1st LUSTY, WILLIAMS, HUTCHINGS Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

2nd DENTON Brackenhaye Shape O'my Heart


Limit Bitch (5,3)
1st MOORE Tomalca Buttons n Bows at Manordeifi

2nd LUSTY Foxearth Fly Orchis


Open Bitch (6,3)
1st DENTON Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo
2nd BENTON Oakestelle Venus De Milo

3rd LUSTY Juniperwood Just a Dream



What a wonderful show! Superbly organised complete with an impressive welcoming archway and two closely mown rings, the Smooths being lucky enough to benefit from the largest of these. A great welcome, friendliness and sporting atmosphere abounded throughout the day with the most incredible raffle I have ever seen at any breed club show. Luckily the weather allowed all judging to be held outside although, despite rain and sun pouring down at the same time, no rainbow appeared. Just maybe we were just lucky enough to be at the end of it? Thank you to all exhibitors for such a good entry of Smooths with much sympathy going to those apologising for understandable absence due to a breakdown en route and from another whose dog was coughing. However, I was truly spoilt for choice with such high quality dogs, all with charming temperaments, as indeed had their exhibitors, to give me a thoroughly enjoyable, happy day. *SMOOTH COLLIE: SP YD* (4,1) 1 Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold. Handsome shaded sable & white, so well balanced with good reach of neck. Super for size, type, make and shape with good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle. Well shaped masculine head with a very wise expression in his dark sparkling eyes, well set ears. Good feet, spring of rib and depth through the heart, firm level topline kept on the move with well set and carried tail. Very fit, in hard muscular condition and mature, harsh textured coat. So sound free and positive on the move, driving from his hocks, reaching out and covering ground with a free enduring stride. Obviously a determined character and surely one for the top, once he sets his mind to it. BD, BOB & RBIS. 2. Moores' Manordeifi Bow Regard. Very confident, typey, enthusiastic sable and white in excellent harsh topcoat with undercoat coming in well. Good head, eye and expression. Decent shoulder. He, too, moved extremely well and freely with good reach in profile RBD & RBOB. 3 Lusty's Blamorder Bring Him Home. *VB *(5,2) 1 Benton's Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle. Beautiful blue merle, so full of quality and carrying her eight years lightly. So feminine and well balanced with lovely eye and expression. A joy to handle with all the parts fitting neatly and firmly into the whole, with good feet, underline, layback of shoulder and turn of stifle with well set and carried tail, in good coat and hard muscular condition. An alert, willing showgirl, who went beautifully, just scoring on her front movement. RBB & BVIS. 2 Lusty's Ch Juniperwood Dream Maker at Balmorder. Lovely Tri of 10 years old, in superb coat and hard condition, well shaped head and eye. So well conformed all through with good depth through the heart and strong level topline kept on the move. She went so well being happy, free and enthusiastic with tail constantly awag. Most attractive and only wish there had been two first prizes here! 3 Moores' Manordeifi Silver Sparkle. *SP YB *(3,1) 1 Lusty, Williams & Hutchings' Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. Well marked blue merle, beautifully made and balanced. Well shaped head, eye and expression, good layback of shoulder, depth of chest and turn of stifle. So happy and eager to please, she moved to match the excellence of her make and shape, reaching out and covering ground keeping her firm topline. Most exciting. BB & RBOB. 2 Denton's Brackenhaye Shape O'My Heart, Tri, again well marked with good depth through the heart, well laid shoulder and turn of stifle. Lovely head and eye, in good harsh single summer coat. A free mover with good reach in profile, well set and carried tail. Litter sister to the BOB yet not immediately obvious since they are very different not only in colour but in many other ways and, indeed, there is nothing wrong with that! Most attractive. *LB* (5,3a) 1 Moores' Tomalca Buttons 'N' Bows at Manordeifi, Sable & white with good forechest. A very energetic showgirl, reaching out and covering ground with well set and carried tail, in harsh well textured coat. 2 Lusty's Foxearth Fly Orchis. What a truly beautiful Tri! So good for make, shape, size and type with good layback of shoulder, turn of stifle and the firmer topline. So very fit, in excellent coat and condition. It was just a case of 'if only' as, most frustratingly for the judge and doubtless her owner, she made it all too obvious that she hated the whole thing and refused to make the best of her undoubted qualities. *OB *(6,3) 1 Denton's Ch Kevranna Theras Enate Echo. Sable & white, great showgirl, well made all through with good shoulders and strong quarters, lovely head, eye and expression, good feet, tailset and carriage. She moved extremely well, in hard muscular condition and mature coat of good texture. 2 Benton's Oakestelle Venus de Milo, feminine blue merle who moved very well, driving from her hocks with good reach in profile while keeping her firm topline. Good for make and shape with well laid shoulders and bend of stifle, deep through the heart with good length to her proudly held neck. Only just 14 weeks off a litter yet not only incredibly fit but in excellent coat. Happy and enthusiastic. 3 Lusty's Juniperwood Just a Dream


Jane Lilley




Many thanks to the West of England Collie Society committee for inviting me to judge the SAC for Smooth Collies at their open show, to my ring steward for all her help and support and to the exhibitors for their generous entry. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and found it an excellent learning experience. *PG *(8,4) 1. Denton's Brackenhaye Fields of Gold - s/w dog of 19 months. Handsome lad having a lovely balanced masculine head with flat skull and good foreface. Correct almond eyes and well placed ears used well which combined to provide a super, kind expression. Very good body length to height ratio, good length of neck and depth of chest with a nice length of rib and a well held topline. Balanced front and rear angulation which gave him a really nice outline standing which he maintained very well while he was on the move. I found him so easy on the eye with everything in proportion and his overall shape and make most appealing. Loved him. 2. Denton's Brackenhaye Shape O'My Heart - tri bitch, litter sister to class winner. Nicely constructed, happy, elegant bitch with a very attractive wedge shaped head and good dark almond eyes and well placed ears. Good neck and depth of chest. Excellent body length with balanced front and rear angulation. She held her topline on the move with good reach in her stride, just needs to steady a bit. I thought at first she might be my class winner but today her brother had the edge in overall balance and steadiness. 3. Blamorder Ice Cream Dream. 4. Foxearth Fly Orchis.*O *(11,5) Difficult class of mixed type - all bitches - two were exhibited by colleagues of their owners. 1. Benton's Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle - B/M bitch, eight and a half years young. Her owner was not handling her but she's clearly very well schooled and knows her job well. She is a smaller and more compact type than I prefer but I found her nicely proportioned, fit and well toned. Would prefer a more evenly marked coat. She has a wedge shaped head with flat skull. Her eyes are dark and her ears well placed and nicely tipped. Attentive to her handler she looked interested and alert. Good front and rear angulation and her top line is level and firm. I thought her movement very balanced and true in profile, going and coming. She rather belies her age and on the day her overall balance, movement and showmanship put her in first place. 2. Lusty's Juniperwood Just a Dream - tri bitch nearly seven years. Wedge shaped head with good ears and nice eyes. Good strong neck into level topline and nice croup and tail set. Good breadth of chest and depth of ribcage with nice shoulder and upper arm placement. Showy white collar. Movement was a bit erratic - hind action was rather wide but she wanted to go a lot faster than her handler who was trying to steady her by holding her up. Nevertheless she has reach and power and did enough to show the balance she clearly has. 3. Ch. Kevranna Theras Enate Echo. 4. Manordeifi Silver Sparkle. 5. Ch. Juniperwood Dream Maker at Blamorder