Collie Association Open Show 2017


Judge Jo Smith




Best of Breed SWEENEY Plaisance Blue Belle & Best in Show

Best Dog BELL & COWLING Koczkodan Nostromo

Reserve Best Dog - RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan
Best Bitch
SWEENEY Plaisance Blue Belle

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy - RUSSELL Koczkodan Serenity & Best Puppy in Show

Best Veteran RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan

Veteran Dog/Bitch (2,1)
1st RUSSELL Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan

Puppy Dog (4,1)
1st BELL & COWLING Koczkodan Nostromo

2nd MOORES Manordeifi Bow Regard

3rd Coneypark Countdown for Allangill


Special Yearling Dog
No Entries

Post Graduate Dog
No Entries

Open Dog (5,3)
1st TRUNDLEY Blamorder Back to the Future
2nd  LEACH Manordeifi Dionysus at Hilltarn


Puppy Bitch (4,0)
1st LUSTY,WILLIAMS, HUTCHINGS Blamorder Ice Cream Dream

2nd MOORES Manordeifi Black Bess

3rd FLOWERS Breckamore Butterfingers

Res TRUNDLEY Juniperwood My Dream


Special Yearling Bitch (3,1)
1st RUSSELL Koczkodan Serenity

2nd Plaisance Eva La Belle


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1)
1st RUSSELL Breckamore Bittersweet for Koczkodan
2nd MOORE Manordeifi Summer Magic


Limit Bitch

No Entries

Open Bitch (11,4)
1st SWEENEY Plaisance Blue Belle
2nd HARTLEY Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack

3rd MOORE Tomalca Buttons n Bows at Manordeifi
Res LISTER Manordeifi Miss Daisy at Newarp JW

VHC TRUNDLEY Juniperwood Joyful



Vet (2) 1 Russell's Foxearth Fashion Guru For Koczkodan, 7 year old sable male. scored for outline and proportions, very good breed type. his head was masculine with clean skull, well shaped eye, good mouth. good temperament. Reserve Best Dog. PD?(4) 1 Koczkodan Nostromo,9 months tri,well grown and up to size. won the class on his better front movement. Has a nicely balanced head with correct earset, dark eye of good shape and correctly set, strong underjaw and good bite. liked his expression, confident mover with decent forward reach. Sound body, Best Dog and Best Puppy dog. 2 Moores' Manordeifi Bow Regard.10 months and in a slightly smaller mould. Liked his head and expression, soundly made body, good topline and croup, would like stronger pasterns and better feet. Excellent coat. 3 Loader's Coneypark Countdown For Allangill. OD?(5,1)?Trundley's Blamorder Back To the Future. 3 year old merle. Pleasing male head with good muzzle to skull ratios. Good mouth, nicely ribbed with decent topline and croup. needs to tighten up in front, good pasterns and feet. 2 Leach's Manordeifi Dionysus At Hilltarn. 6 year old merle, attractive head and expression. Clean front, nicely ribbed, on the stack he dropped his topline at times. lovely temperament. PB (4)1 Lusty. Blamorder Ice Cream Dream.10 months merle, ideally her colour could be clearer. Loved her size and balance and her femininity. Delightful head and expression. sound front with good shoulder placement and upper arm. Soundly made body, she presented a typical outline on the stack. one of the sounder movers. 2 Moores' Manordeifi Black Bess.10 months, liked her size and body proportions. feminine head and expression, she had substance but not overdone, sound backend with good width of second thigh. and for her age super muscle tone. 3 Flower's Breckamore Butterfingers. SpYB (4)1 Russell's Koczkodan Serenity. 9 months and this puppy had style. lovely head and expression. clean front with good shoulder placement. sound body, good width and depth of chest. she held her shape on the move, confident on the move. loved her balanced profile in stance. Best Puppy Bitch and Best puppy in breed and later best puppy in show. 2nd.Garpenter.Plaisance Eva La Belle. 20 months. liked her size, well proportioned body. good topline and croup, super feet. coat in good order. PGB (2) 1 Russell Breckamore Bittersweet For Koczkodan. This 18 month old tri appealed greatly, on seeing the catalogue i see why. Slightly smaller mould, but so well balanced and put together, lovely feminine head and expression, she used her ears so well. nicely angulated both ends, she moved well and presented a balanced out1ine when standing. 2 Moores' Manordeifi Summer Magic. 2 year old tri, bigger than the winner and not having quite the balance, being a tad longer through her coupling.Typical head piece. dark well shaped eye, sound front assembly, strong body, sound rear, enthusiastic mover. OB (11) 1 Sweeney Plaisance Blue Belle. 3 year old merle. All class and quality, of ideal size and substance. Yet still ultra feminine, lovely balanced head. her expression is so typical, liked her front assembly, straight front, elbows tucked neatly in, she has depth and width of chest, strong body, correct topline and croup. sound rear with good width of upper thigh, she moved soundly without effort. Best Bitch, Best Of Breed and later Best In Show. 2 Hartley's Foxearth Finnish Spirit At Jimjack Sh CM. This 2 year old tri is just my cup of tea, feminine of ideal size and so well balanced. Very good head, flat skull and perfectly placed ears. she moves soundly and is so well put together. Her owner must concentrate more to get the best out of this high quality bitch. One I? have judged before and placed. Saw enough to award Reserve Best Sitch and reserVe best of breed. She was called for the challenge for reserve best in show but her owner had gone home. 3 Moores' Tomalca Buttons N Bows At Manordeifi