Yorkshire Collie Open Show February 2016


Judge Michelle Fort



Best of Breed Hartley's Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack

Best Dog French's Breckamore by Design

Reserve Best Dog Russell's Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan
Best Bitch
Hartley's Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack

Reserve Best Bitch French's Finnish Touch for Breckamore
Best Puppy -

Best Veteran -



Veteran Dog (1,1)


Puppy Dog (2,2)



Junior Dog (2,1)
1st French's Breckamore by Design


Post Graduate Dog (1,1)


Open Dog (2,0)

1st Russell's Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan

2nd French's Breckamore Blushing Groom


Puppy Bitch (1,1)



Junior Bitch

1st Hartley's Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack


Post Graduate Bitch (1,0)
Russell#s Koczkodan Nos Kerenza


Open Bitch (3,1)
1st French's Finnish Touch for Breckamore

2nd Russell's Manordeifi Satin Doll of Koczodan



Junior Dog
1st French's Breckmore By Design, very striking well marked b/m of instant appeal & turned out in the best of order. Quality head, flat skull, excellent stop, lovely kind but most definite masculine expression, lovely mouldings, very attentive, topped off by excellent ever-alert ears, all supported by super well-arched neck, very good shoulder & depth of chest, strong well-boned legs with tight feet, body in hardy condition, good rear quarters, bend of stifle & strong straight hocks, very good thigh muscle, very well shown & presented, a pleasure to watch on the move. Had no hesitation awarding him BD.

Open Dog
1st Russell's Foxearth Fashion Guru For Koczkodan, appealing s/w, good head pattern, well moulded muzzle, good ear carriage, reach of neck, well boned straight front, level topline held on the move, well let down rear pasterns, moved out well with handler. RBD.

2nd French's Breckamore Blushing Groom, S/W with lovely ears, eye and expression. Super neck, good shoulders, deep chest and correct topline. Moved well on good legs and tight feet. Very well presented.

Junior Bitch
1st & BOB Hartley Mrs J Foxearth Finnish Spirit at Jimjack Super tri in sparkling condition whose excellent make & shape, plus her most positive movement won the day. I found her most feminine with a saucy, sweet expression. Her head was pleasing to go over, balanced, good skull topped by ever-alert ears, very good neck and shoulder, good depth of chest, good straight front legs with very tight feet, in wonderful body & condition, good hindquarters, good stifle, well muscled thigh, strong short hocks and with structure like that, could only move as a working dog should. More than pleased to award her the BB & BOB.

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Russell's Koczkodan Nos Kerenza, Tri colour. Good overall make and shape. Balanced head, good eye, ears, back skull, well filled in foreface with a good underjaw. Good reach of neck and length of back. Good quarters. Moved soundly.

Open Bitch
1st French's Finnish Touch For Breckamore, tri with pleasing head with nicely placed eye, neat ears and good under jaw, carried on a well arched neck, correct topline with good angulation front and rear, moved and co-operated well with handler. 2 Russell's Manordeifi Satin Doll Of Koczkodan Tri Head handles well, good length of neck and tail and depth in body, stood four square on good legs and feet.