Ch Molloney Zena Ghost JW ShCM


Born 08/07/04

11 CC's, 6 BOB's  and 13 RCC's

Dark Brindle

Dachshund of the year qualifier 05, 06, 07

2005 Houndshow Open Show -  6 months on the day Best Puppy in Show
2005 Dachshund Club of Wales -  Jean Hallett - BP
2005 Miniature Dachshund Club-  Mandy Dance CC & BOB, BP and Best Puppy in Show
2005  Dachshund Club Open Show-  Best Puppy in Show
2005 Windsor -  Mark Coccoza - BP
2005 Miniature Club Open Show -  Best in Show
2005 Leeds -  Maria Lerego - CC
2005 South Wales - Roy Wood RCC

2006 Hound Ass of Scotland - Stephaine Goddard CC & BOB (Her Crown)
2006 Bath - Terry Thorn - CC
2006 Miniature Dachshund Club Ch Show - Dot Jordan - RCC
2006 Dachshund Club of Wales Ch Show - Nora Price - RCC
2006 Dachshund Club  Ch Show - Graham Hill - RCC
2006 WELKS - Bryan Dyson - RCC
2006 Paignton - Derek Smith - RCC
2006 Welsh Kennel Club - Joanne Blackburn-Bennett - RCC
2006 South Wales - Marilyn Norton - RCC
2006 Midland Counties - Joan Patton-  CC BOB
2006 Great Joint - Chris Moore - CC & BOB
2006 LKA - Bill Warke - RCC

2007 Northern Dachshund Club - Judy Squires = CC & BOB
2007 Miniature Dachshund Club Open Show - Best in Show
2007 SKC - Anne Moore - CC
2007 Birmingham National - Jeff Horswell - RCC
2007 Paignton - Sue Seath - RCC
2007 Houndshow - Isobel Dyke - RCC
2007 Midland Dachshund Club - Mike Turner - CC & BOB and Reserve Best in Show
2007 LKA - Nora Price - CC

2008 - South Wales - Len Hammond - CC
2008 - Paignton - Ann Kennedy - RCC

Unfortunately in August 2008 Zena became Paralysed, and lived a happy life with us at Collidach until just before her 9th Birthday.


Ch/Jap Ch Drakesleat JP Baro Trier Int Ch Laughable Rock K JP Denice Baro Laughable Rock K JP Joi Denice Jap Ch Laughable Rock K JP Twinkle Joi
Laughable Rock Miltonia
Drakesleat Ere Tis Fido Fax at Drakesleat
Ch Drakesleat Ere Say
Laughable Rock J JP Joi Christi Jap Ch Laughable Rock K JP Twinkle Joi Int Ch Laughable Rock Twinkle
Laughable Rock Little Love
Laughable Rock K JP Free Seleriana  Foxearth Freemason of Drakesleat
 Laughable Rock K JP Night Rose
Ch Molloney Kiss Me Quick  CH Drakesleat Fred Bare at Rabymere CH Drakesleat Hobs Tickle CH Drakesleat Tennis Ealey
CH Drakesleat Mandy Pumps
Hudgemoor Free Coins at Drakesleat Foxearth Freemason of Drakesleat
Ch Hudgemoor Mrs Tittlemouse of Drakesleat
Molloney Knock It Off CH Foxearth Fusileer at Drakesleat CH Drakesleat Easy Come
Giss Snurran
Molloney Extra Special CH Guinness of Drakesleat
Dream Come True at Molloney