Molloney Orakel


Born 30/08/02

Red Brindle

Owned in Norway by Sigrid Aase, then by Laura Sexton, bred by us she is the litter sister to Molloney Unique Recipe Rachel returned to England in whelp to Object Hop O' my Thumb Summer 2004 and is Mother of Ch Molloney and Verrami from her first litter owned by Laura Sexton and Rachel Barney and Molloney Annie Talian from her second litter

'Rachel' - Miniature Dachshund Club 2005 - Back from Norway goes to her first ever show and wins 1st Open Bitch qualifying her for her Stud Book Number.


Molloney Lord Knows Why CH Emem Stormin Norman CH Guinness of Drakesleat  CH Drakesleat Jus Dis Wun
Sandcroft Shadie Sadie of Drakesleat
Emem Misinterpret CH Drakesleat Speak Easy 
Morsefield Millie Mopsie at Emem 
CH.IR CH Molloney Justoldme Close CH Foxearth Fusileer of Drakesleat Eng/Hung CH Drakesleat Easy Come
Giss Snurran (Sweden)
Molloney Extra Special CH Guinness of Drakesleat
Dream Come True at Molloney
Truffle Torte of Eastcastle Foxearth Commander CH Samlane Zingaro for Metcroft CH Drakesleat Okey Dokey
Samlane Vodka Tonic
Foxearth Fuffens Foxearth Bysen Rovarson
Foxearth Flibbertigibbet
Drakesleat Show Off CH Drakesleat Frankly My Dear CH Drakesleat Hobs Tickle
Hudgemoor Free Coins Drakesleat
CH Drakesleat Maggot Fatcher Eng/Am/Jap Ch Drakesleat Talk Over
Ch Drakesleat Ere Ere